Kodo Interactive Performance 2018
Oct. 14 (Sun), 2018 Kunitachi, Tokyo

Updated: Oct 4 (Thu), 2018

Oct 14 (Sun), 2018 Kunitachi Shimin Geijutsu Sho-Hall, Kunitachi, Tokyo

Doors Open:





Adults 3000 yen, Children (ages 3–14) 500 yen
★Adult Pair Ticket* (for two adults) 5,500 yen
*Pair tickets only available for purchase at the venue.

Seating Details:

All seats reserved.
Ages 3 & over welcome.
Ages 3–9 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Ticket Availability:

Ticket sales commence on Aug. 28 (Tue), 2018

Ticket Outlets:

Kunitachi Shimin Geijutsu Sho-Hall Tel. 042-574-1515
Shimada Stationery Store Tel. 042-576-4445
Hakujuji (Coffee & Cake) Kunitachi Stn. South Exit Store Tel. 042-572-0416
Kodo Ticket Service Reservation Site https://piagettii.e-get.jp/kodo/pt/ (Tickets reserved on this website need to be issued at a Seven Eleven store)

Venue Address:

2-48-1 Fujimidai, Kunitachi, Tokyo 〒186-0003

Venue Access:

From #4 Bus Stop at the South Exit at JR Kunitachi Stn., take the Tachikawa Bus to Yagawa Stn., Kunitachi Soshajo or Kunitachi Izumi Danchi and get off at Shimin Geijutsu Sho Hall/ Sogo Taiikukan-mae Stop
10 min-walk from JR Yagawa Stn.
10 min-walk from JR Yaho Stn.

Venue Website:


Event URL:



Kunitachi Shimin Geijutsu Sho-Hall Tel. 042-574-1515


Online sales are available in Japanese only. For assistance in English, please inquire by telephone or contact the Kodo Office.