Oct.–Dec. 2018 Chieko Kojima Appearance in “Sado-ga-shimai” Debut Tour (Sado Is., Tokyo, Tochigi, Gunma)

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Photo: Maiko Miyagawa“Sado-ga-shimai” is a duo produced by and featuring Kodo Distinguished member Chieko Kojima. Its name is a play on words: Sado Island (Sado-ga-shima) + sisters (shimai). The island is dancer Chieko’s second home and drummer Natsuko Sugano was born and raised on Sado. Charged by the sun and sea, they’ll bring abundant energy to the stage with smiles galore for sure!

Their milestone debut performance just had to be held on Sado, and from there they’ll set out on their first tour. Kicking off in Tochigi, Sago-ga-shimai will welcome wonderful guest artists to join them for each performance on their inaugural tour.

Sado-ga-shimai is planning performances all over Japan. We hope you’ll join us in cheering them on!