[Every Two Months] Yoshikazu Fujimoto 2018 “Body & Soul Workshops” (Meguro Ward, Tokyo)

Yoshikazu Fujimoto will lead taiko and dance workshops at Tokyo’s Taiko no Sato Kyowakan every two months throughout 2018 to let participants throughly learn three different pieces in depth.

There’s the dynamic taiko played at festivals in his hometown, “Wachi Daiko”, demon sword dance “Onikenbai” from Kitakami in Iwate Prefecture, and the big drum “Odaiko,” which Yoshikazu has performed for decades on the Kodo stage. Take one, two, or all three classes! Yoshikazu’s body and soul approach to performing arts will ensure a fun, energetic workout for all!

[Every Two Months] Yoshikazu Fujimoto 2018 "Body & Soul Workshops" (Meguro Ward, Tokyo)

Taiko no Sato Kyowakan, Meguro Ward, Tokyo


Yoshikazu Fujimoto


These workshops are conducted in Japanese.

March/April 2018 Schedule:
  • O-daiko (taiko) Mar. 31 (Sat) 15:30–17:30
  • Onikenbai (dance) Apr. 1 (Sun) 11:00–13:00
  • Wachi Daiko (taiko) Apr. 1 (Sun) 14:30–16:30
May 2018 Schedule:
  • O-daiko (taiko) May 19 (Sat) 15:30–17:30
  • Onikenbai (dance) May 20 (Sun) 11:00–13:00
  • Wachi Daiko (taiko) May 20 (Sun) 14:30–16:30
July 2018 Dates:

July 7 (Sat), 8 (Sun)


7,700 yen per session (tax incl.)

Participant Requirements:

All welcome


12 people

Workshop Registration:

Now open

Registration Method:

Reservations taken on a first-come, first-served basis by telephone or email.
Contact Kyowakan Tel. 03-3714-2774

Email: kyouwakan@aroma.ocn.ne.jp

Venue Access:

5 min. walk from Yutenji Stn. on Tokyu Toyoko Line

Venue Website:



Taiko no Sato Kyowakan Tel. 03-3714-2774


*If it is your first time at Kyowakan, you will need to register for Kyowakan membership.
(Registration fee is 540 yen (incl. tax)
*Please bring your own drumsticks. (Available for purchase at Kyowakan if required. First time participants may borrow drumsticks for their first class.)
*Cancellation Fees:
7 days or more before workshop: No charge
2–6 days before workshop: 50%
Day before/day of workshop: 100%