Apr. 28 (Wed)–Sep. 30 (Thu), 2021 “Kodo One Earth Tour: Tsuzumi” Available on Vimeo On Demand


“Kodo One Earth Tour: Tsuzumi” is our latest touring production. It’s a commemorative work that we created to celebrate our 40th anniversary this year. This performance was captured in high-definition video and audio, then reconfigured into three parts especially for digital streaming. It’s available to watch on demand on Vimeo until the end of September 2021.

Photo: Takashi Okamoto

Watch on Vimeo

Note: The full performance is available on DVD from Kodo Online Store.

Yuichiro Funabashi (Kodo)
Featured Pieces
[Part 1] Dyu-ha / Kono Mine no / Ayumi
[Part 2] Hitohi / Hayate / Monochrome
[Part 3] Izumogaku / O-daiko / Yatai-bayashi / Tomorrow
Jan. 19–22, 2021, at Ryotsu Culture Hall, Sado Island, Niigata
Available on Demand
Apr. 28 (Wed)–Sep. 30 (Thu), 2021
480 yen per part (one-week rental)
Streaming Platform
Part 1: 22 mins. / Part 2: 26 mins. / Part 3: 31 mins.

Watch on Vimeo


Part 1

Part 1 begins with “Dyu-Ha,” created by the late Maki Ishii, a modern composer who presented this piece to Kodo as a gift to congratulate the ensemble on its debut in 1981. Next, embark on a virtual trip to Sado Island through the imagery conjured by “Kono Mine no.” Then, join Kodo’s 40th anniversary celebrations with festive “Ayumi,” a new piece composed to mark this special milestone in the group’s history.

Dyu-Ha | Composed by Maki Ishii (1981)
Kono Mine no | Lyrics and music by Yoko Fujimoto (2003)
Ayumi | Composed by Yuta Sumiyoshi (2020)

Part 2

Part 2 begins with two pieces composed by Kodo’s newest generation. The first is “Hitohi,” a festive piece inspired by the traditional performing arts upheld on Sado Island. Next is “Hayate,” a new piece filled with invigorating energy, like a strong gust of wind. This part concludes with one of Kodo’s signature pieces, “Monochrome,” which was created in 1976 by the late Maki Ishii, a modern composer. It’s a timeless masterpiece that boldly explores the vast possibilities of taiko.

Hitohi | Composed by Masayasu Maeda, dance arranged by Koki Miura (2019)
Hayate | Composed by Ryotaro Leo Ikenaga (2020)
Monochrome | Composed by Maki Ishii (1976)

Part 3

Part 3 begins with an ethereal ryuteki flute solo in ”Izumogaku,” followed by two Kodo classics: the big drum solo, “O-daiko,” and a festive feat of stamina, “Yatai-bayashi.” The finale is the stage performance’s encore number, “Tomorrow.” This uplifting piece was composed to cheer people on in the wake of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake.

Izumogaku | Traditional, arranged by Kodo
O-daiko | Traditional, arranged by Kodo and Mitsuru Ishizuka
Yatai-bayashi | Traditional, arranged by Kodo
Tomorrow | Composed by Mitsuru Ishizuka (2011)