Oct. 12 (Fri)–14 (Sun) & 20 (Sat), 2018 Yoshie Abe Appearance in Akiko Kitamura’s Cross Transit “vox soil” (Kanagawa, Nagano)

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“Cross Transit was started in 2015 by the dancer/choreographer Akiko Kitamura and creates experimental works inspired by the artists and culture she encounters during her research of traditional dance, music, rituals, and martial arts in various regions of south and south-east Asia. The latest work is ‘vox soil’.” (From Akiko Kitamura website)
Following her participation in the 2016 incarnation via recordings, a demonstration and four performances in Tokyo’s Chofu last year, this month Yoshie Abe will appear on stage in “vox soil” as a guest artist.

Cross Transit “vox soil” promises a unique creative world beyond any differences in ethnicity, nationality, or language.

Artistic Director / Choreographer / Dancer: Akiko Kitamura
Dramaturge / Composer / Musician: Mayanglambam Mangangsana (Manipur, India)
Choreographer / Dancer: Ippei Shiba, Yuka Seike, Yuki Nishiyama, Llon Kawai, Ferena Kagata, Chy Ratana (Amrita Performing Arts, Cambodia), Luluk Ari (Solo Dance Studio, Indonesia)
Musician: Yoshie Abe (Kodo)
Music Director / Sound Operator: Hiroaki Yokoyama (agehasprings)
Set & Graphic Design: Akihiko Kaneko
Technical Direction / Lighting Design: Yuji Sekiguchi (balance, inc.DESIGN)
Costume Design: Kyoko Domoto