Oct. 11 (Thu)–13 (Sat), 2018 Russian Performance Tour “Golden Autumn 2018: Russian Agricultural Exhibition” Presented by Russian Ministry of Agriculture *Private performances

Photo: Takashi Okamoto
Kodo has been invited to perform in Russia this October at the Russian Ministry of Agriculture Trade Fair “Golden Autumn: Russian Agricultural Exhibition.” We are truly honored to perform inside the Grand Kremlin Palace, a World Heritage site. The folk music festival during the event will be broadcast live on Russia’s Channel One by the national broadcast station.

While we are in Moscow, we will also perform at a reception at the Japanese Embassy and give a workshop for students at the renowned Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Our activities during this short visit are not open to the general public, but if you are in Russia we sincerely hope you can see our performance on TV. We will do our very best to share the wonder of traditional Japanese performing arts and further Japanese-Russian exchange and mutual understanding through our activities.

Tour Schedule

Oct. 11 (Thu), 2018 Performance at private reception hosted by Japan
Oct. 12 (Fri), 2018 Performance at Russian Ministry of Agriculture Trade Fair “Golden Autumn: Russian Agricultural Exhibition”
Oct. 13 (Sat), 2018 Taiko workshop for students at Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory


Kodo Performers

Yuichiro Funabashi, Maya Minowa, Shogo Komatsuzaki, Koki Miura, Ryotaro Leo Ikenaga, Hayato Otsuka, Mizuki Yoneyama, Yuta Kimura, Yuki Hirata, Chie Yamawaki