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“Exclusive Kodo Costume for Kaguyahime” by Yui Kawamoto

The Kodo performers had their costumes fitted for “Kaguyahime.”

These costumes were made especially for each of the performers according to their personal size.
They are so comfortable that they all want to take their one home.


In the costumes, we saw this tag:


This Kodo costume is exclusive to Kaguyahime!


Kodo Appearance in Ballet Performance “Kaguyahime: The Moon Princess”

Oct. 15 (Thu)–30 (Fri), 2015 Montreal, Canada

Kodo Cast: Masaru TsujiKenta NakagomeEri Uchida,  Maya Minowa, Yuta SumiyoshiTetsumi HanaokaRyosuke Inada

“Rehearsals for ‘Kaguyahime’ on Sado” by Yui Kawamoto


Something is different about the rehearsal hall at Kodo Village this week.

An elegant, comfortable, special sound is resonating throughout the building… what can it be?



It is the sound of the Sado-based rehearsals for “Kaguyahime”!


We are currently rehearsing with conductor Michael de Roo and Gagaku (Japanese court music) ensemble Reigakusha for this month’s ballet performances that will be held in Montreal, Canada.
Here’s to the next performance season of “Kaguyahime” in Montreal! See you soon in Canada!


Kodo Appearance in Ballet Performance “Kaguyahime: The Moon Princess”

Oct. 15 (Thu)–30 (Fri), 2015 Montreal, Canada

“Asano Taiko’s New Product ‘Try Before You Buy’ Event” by Mitsunaga Matsuura

Asano Taiko’s New Product “Try Before You Buy” Event


Asano Taiko held a special event so that people could along to try out the new Asano drums that were created in collaboration with Kodo for our performances. The instruments introduced at this “Try Before You Buy” event are the taiko that people ask us about the most, mainly wondering if they are available for purchase. So on Sep. 21, during the Silver Week holiday period, we joined Asano Taiko in Yutenji, Tokyo, for this hands-on event at Taiko no Sato Kyowakan.

▶︎Watch footage from the event on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzqiFGQWnjc

During the event, Kodo members gave special workshops using each of the three collaboration-project taiko drums. Kodo’s Yuta Sumiyoshi composed a piece especially for the workshops with those taiko in mind. It incorporates some unique grooves that you can create with them, allowing all the participants to really experience the potential of these new taiko.

Photo: Mitsunaga Matsuura

Introducing the Kodo x Asano Taiko Collaboration Taiko Lineup

Photo: Takashi Okamoto

Shime-jishi Taiko

This small taiko has a crisp, sharp sound that lets a solo part stand out amongst other taiko on the Kodo stage.

Photo: Takashi Okamoto


This taiko is now on sale thanks to popular demand. We usually play it with one drumstick on stage. Its low tone really complements other instruments, including chappa (cymbals) and bamboo flutes.

Photo: Takashi Okamoto


All eyes are on this one! This is an okedo-daiko (barrel drum) that has independent tuning for each head thanks to special metal parts on the barrel. The two drum heads differ in thickness, too. The incredibly broad range of this taiko is showcased in a solo by Masayuki Sakamoto in our production “Kodo One Earth Tour: Eternity,” directed by Tamasaburo Bando. See the performance live or on DVD/Blu-ray to see “Kanade” in action.

“Performance at ‘Russia-Japan Cultural Festival for Peace and Friendship'” by Takuro Susaki

Sep. 7, 2015

Performance at “Russia-Japan Cultural Festival for Peace and Friendship”


On September 3, Kodo’s Eiichi Saito, Maya Minowa and Mizuki Yoneyama performed at the “Russia-Japan Cultural Festival for Peace and Friendship” in Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia, Russia.

Photo: Hiroshi Abe

This opportunity came about thanks to an invitation to perform from the artistic director of the Buryat National Academic House of Ballet, Mr. Morihiro Iwata. Kodo appeared in the first act of the concert in a work that he choreographed called “Tamashii (Spirit),” which premiered in 2008 and was created to accompany Kodo recordings. This 2015 collaboration was the first time for the ballet to be danced to live Kodo music.

The Buryat National Ballet and invited guests from Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater Ballet danced with such liveliness and portrayed an array of emotions on stage with such subtle details. Their performance seemed to truly inspire and invigorate the Kodo members who shared the stage with them.

Photo: Takuro Susaki

During our short yet enriching stay, we also got taken to see Ivolginsky Datsan Temple and Lake Baikal. We are already looking forward to the day when we can collaborate with Mr. Iwata again.


Kodo Collaboration with Morihiro Iwata at “Russia-Japan Cultural Festival for Peace and Friendship”

“Official Facebook Page for Kodo Performances in Switzerland” by Mio Teycheney-Takashiro

Jan.–Mar. 2016 “Kodo One Earth Tour 2016: Mystery” Europe Tour

Kodo One Earth Tour: Mystery

We will present “Kodo One Earth Tour 2016: Mystery” Europe Tour from January through March next year. During this tour, we will return to Switzerland for the first time in four years. Here is the official Facebook page for our performances there:

Kodo Switzerland Facebook Page

We will perform in Lucerne and Montreux on this tour, giving a total of four performances. If you live in Switzerland or plan to visit, we look forward to seeing you there!

Mio Teycheney-Takashiro (Foreign Concert Production Manager)


“Kodo One Earth Tour 2016: Mystery” Europe Tour

Performance Schedule

“Kodo Night!” by Shingo Kawamura

Join Us Next Week for Earth Celebration!

Photo: Shingo KawamuraPhoto: Shingo KawamuraPhoto: Shingo Kawamura

“Kodo Night” is the name of the first Shiroyama Concert this year, directed by Tsuyoshi Maeda. With powerful Kodo classics and exciting new pieces, it’s going to be an action-packed programme!




“EC Theatre ‘Wadaiko Theatre Fujimotomida 2015’ Rehearsals on Sado” by Minako Goto

Kazuaki Tomida has arrived on Sado to begin rehearsing for his performance with Yoshikazu Fujimoto at EC Theatre next month.


Upon his arrival, he began creating some items to use to decorate the theater. After discussing what elements to include, Yoshikazu Fujimoto first drew a picture and Tomida then wrote the text. The completed curtain will greet their audience on the day of the performance.


“Fujimotomida” made its debut performance last year at Tiara Koto in Tokyo. During their practice, it’s hard for me to tell where their discussion time ends and their performance practise begins…

Their earnestness is impenetrable as they rehearse. Their rehearsals are extremely serious.

Photo: Minako Goto

Mr. Tomida says that he has chosen his favorite “Yoshikazu pieces” for this performance. With one month to the performance date, the artists are holding on to every discovery they make.

Follow Kazuaki Tomida’s blog here for more about this rehearsal: (in Japanese)


Tickets are on sale now!

If advanced tickets sell out, there will be no tickets available on the day of the performance, so don’t delay! Reserve your seat today!

Details: http://www.kodo.or.jp/ec/en/event/ectheatre/fujimoto/



“San Jose Obon Festival” by Yui Kawamoto

San Jose Obon Festival

Greetings from San Jose, California!
Yoko Fujimoto and I attended one of the nation’s largest obon festivals this weekend. The obon culture in the United States is a little different, as many take place on various weekends and different locations throughout early summer.
Let me tell you a little about the one that we attended: San Jose Obon.

Obon: an annual Buddhist event to commemorate one's ancestors


San Jose Obon is famous for hosting great taiko performances by Californian collegiate groups and San Jose Taiko!
San Jose Taiko was established before Kodo was founded, and our groups have been great friends since the very beginning. They have supported Kodo in many ways over the years, including the storage of some of our touring equipment in their studio!

Photo: Yui KawamotoPhoto: Yui Kawamoto

Taiko performances, food, and games are enjoyed by friends and family throughout the entire Obon weekend.
At the end of each night many people gather for…..

Obon dancing!


Here at San Jose Obon, over 1,000 people gather and dance to live music played by the Chidori Band and San Jose Taiko.
One of the dance pieces is called Ei Ja Nai Ka.
The taiko music was composed by PJ Hirabayashi from San Jose Taiko and the melody and lyrics that were written by Kodo’s Yoko Fujimoto.
This is a popular dance piece that has been enjoyed for many years, mainly by the Northern Californian communities, and it was truly wonderful to hear Yoko’s voice accompanying it live this year!
This piece will actually make its debut at a further 18 new obon festivals this summer, so if you are in the United States this summer, make sure to check out an obon festival near you! You might even hear Yoko’s vocals…


Photo: Yui Kawamoto

“‘DADAN 2015’ in Asakusa!” by Naomi Iseki

“DADAN 2015” in Asakusa

Photo: Takashi OkamotoPhoto: Takashi OkamotoPhoto: Takashi Okamoto

On June 10, the “DADAN 2015” performances began in Asakusa, Tokyo. The opening performance was sold out, and we could hear the applause echo out into the lobby! The following performances also welcomed full houses. Thank you all for coming along!


Kodo flags flying all along the Nakamise Shopping Street in Asakusa

Photo: Erika Ueda

Colorful Kodo banners in front of Asakusa Public Hall

Photo: Erika Ueda


At the theater, we had a Kodo Exhibition Corner, which included performer portraits with their handprints and messages. There were some taiko on display, too!

We hope you enjoyed these performances.

Thank you very much for welcoming us back, Asakusa!


“Beyond Asakusa’s Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate)” by Naomi Iseki

Beyond Asakusa’s Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate)

From June 1, when you pass through Asakusa’s iconic Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate), a dream-like view for Kodo in the lead up to our “DADAN 2015” performances awaits…

Photo: Naomi Iseki

Kodo flags all along the Nakamise Shopping Street!

The street will keep them on display for us until June 15 when our performances conclude. When you come to Asakusa to see “DADAN,” make sure you take a stroll along and have a look.


The shops along Nakamise Shopping Street boast a wide range of tasty treats and beautiful Japanese souvenirs. It takes a while to make your way all the way down to Sensoji Temple if you stop and look at all the wonderful stores, so allow plenty of time!
See you soon in Asakusa!


Details about “DADAN 2015” (June 11–15): http://www.kodo.or.jp/news/20150610dadan_en.html

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