Preserved traditions and rousing, resonant taiko.
Herein lies the essence of Kodo.

This performance was recorded live before a fervent full house at Tokyo’s Asakusa Public Hall.

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Yoko Fujimoto

Motofumi Yamaguchi


  • Otoko no Himatsuri CD / 2013.10.2 / TYCT-30005 Participated in recording of Fuyumi Sakamoto's first enka (traditional-style Japanese popular ballad) song in five years, Otoko no Himatsuri (Men's Fire Festival).
  • Blueman x Kodo DVD / 2012.2.19 / POBD-25031 Creative, original percussion meets wadaiko in this live recording of Kodo's on-stage collaboration with the Blue Man Group.
  • Taiko Baka CD / 2009.10.21 / VPCA-82547 Debut single by Go Ibuki, featuring taiko and kakegoe (vocal cries) by Yoshikazu Fujimoto.
  • Aanzoek Zonder Ringen CD / 2006.3.3 Collaboration with Dutch rock band Bløf, which entered the Dutch Single Top 100 chart at number 1.
  • en:Code CD / 2005.12.7 / TKCA-72975 Participated in recording of Jazztronik album "en:Code."
  • 2002 FIFA World Cup KOREA/JAPAN™ Official Anthem CD / 2002.3.27 / SICP 102 Participated in recording of the official anthem, composed by Vangelis.
  • small is beautiful CD / 2000.11.8 / TOCT-24458 Participated in recording of still room and Yadokari on album by Mimori Yusa.
  • Against CD / 1998.10.5 / RRCY-1080 Participated in recording of Kamaitachi on album by Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura.
  • ZAN CD / 1997.8.21 / Rinken-0014 Participated in recording of Rinken Band female vocalist Tomoko Uehara's debut solo album.
  • Kodo vs. Yosuke Yamashita in Live CD / 1986.6.1 / 33C38-7900 Live recording of on-stage collaboration with Yosuke Yamashita at U-Port Kan’i Hoken Hall, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Hard Target CD / 1993.9.14 / VSD-5445 Participated in recording of the original soundtrack of motion picture "Hard Target," starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.
  • Genma Taisen LP / 1983 / C28Y-0044 Participated in recording of the original soundtrack of animated film "Harmagedon" (Genma Taisen), released in 1983.


  • image: mystery dangerous & exciting CD / 2010.1.27 / SICC 1323 Recording of The Hunted Main Theme included on the "Image" 10th anniversary compilation album.
  • image 5 CD / 2006.2.1 / SICC 290 Recording of HAZUMI included on the fifth "Image" compilation album.