Sen no Mai –Chieko Kojima Performance Career 40th Anniversary

Chieko Kojima, Kodo’s queen of dance, is a true pioneer. Spirited and free, she carved out her own unique genre as a female performer and continues to lead the way in dance-meets-taiko expression.

Chieko’s insatiable inquisitiveness and active international solo career continue to inform her lifework. Adept at captivating audiences by conjuring bewitching realms on stage, in 2019 she drew on years of exploration and collaboration to direct this new work featuring Kodo, with Ryotaro Leo Ikenaga as music director.

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Yoko Fujimoto

Motofumi Yamaguchi


  • Otoko no Himatsuri CD / 2013.10.2 / TYCT-30005 Participated in recording of Fuyumi Sakamoto's first enka (traditional-style Japanese popular ballad) song in five years, Otoko no Himatsuri (Men's Fire Festival).
  • Blueman x Kodo DVD / 2012.2.19 / POBD-25031 Creative, original percussion meets wadaiko in this live recording of Kodo's on-stage collaboration with the Blue Man Group.
  • Taiko Baka CD / 2009.10.21 / VPCA-82547 Debut single by Go Ibuki, featuring taiko and kakegoe (vocal cries) by Yoshikazu Fujimoto.
  • Aanzoek Zonder Ringen CD / 2006.3.3 Collaboration with Dutch rock band Bløf, which entered the Dutch Single Top 100 chart at number 1.
  • en:Code CD / 2005.12.7 / TKCA-72975 Participated in recording of Jazztronik album "en:Code."
  • 2002 FIFA World Cup KOREA/JAPAN™ Official Anthem CD / 2002.3.27 / SICP 102 Participated in recording of the official anthem, composed by Vangelis.
  • small is beautiful CD / 2000.11.8 / TOCT-24458 Participated in recording of still room and Yadokari on album by Mimori Yusa.
  • Against CD / 1998.10.5 / RRCY-1080 Participated in recording of Kamaitachi on album by Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura.
  • ZAN CD / 1997.8.21 / Rinken-0014 Participated in recording of Rinken Band female vocalist Tomoko Uehara's debut solo album.
  • Kodo vs. Yosuke Yamashita in Live CD / 1986.6.1 / 33C38-7900 Live recording of on-stage collaboration with Yosuke Yamashita at U-Port Kan’i Hoken Hall, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Hard Target CD / 1993.9.14 / VSD-5445 Participated in recording of the original soundtrack of motion picture "Hard Target," starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.
  • Genma Taisen LP / 1983 / C28Y-0044 Participated in recording of the original soundtrack of animated film "Harmagedon" (Genma Taisen), released in 1983.


  • image: mystery dangerous & exciting CD / 2010.1.27 / SICC 1323 Recording of The Hunted Main Theme included on the "Image" 10th anniversary compilation album.
  • image 5 CD / 2006.2.1 / SICC 290 Recording of HAZUMI included on the fifth "Image" compilation album.