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“Kodo One Earth Tour: Tsuzumi” premiered in 2020 as the first commemorative work in the Kodo 40th Anniversary Concert Series. In early 2021, the work was filmed for release on DVD and limited release on VOD streaming.

The opening number, Dyu-Ha, was created by the late Maki Ishii, a modern composer who was introduced to the precursor of Kodo in the 1970s by conductor Seiji Ozawa. Ishii presented this piece to Kodo as a gift to congratulate the ensemble on its debut in 1981. Tsuzumi also features Ishii’s masterpiece Monochrome and other Kodo signature pieces such as O-daiko, and Yatai-bayashi, coupled with new compositions. Join Kodo as the ensemble traces its origins back to the beginning, to reflect on its history and reaffirm what has shaped Kodo today. Tsuzumi will serve as a cornerstone for Kodo’s next ground-breaking chapter.

The full-concert DVD is available from Kodo Online Store and at Kodo performance venues in Japan.
For VOD streaming, the concert footage has been reconfigured into a three-part series, which is available to view on demand until the end of Sep. 2021.

Kodo Online StoreVOD Streaming

Artistic Director:
Yuichiro Funabashi (Kodo)
Featured Programme:
Dyu-Ha, Kono Mine no, Hitohi, Hayate, Zoku, Monochrome, Uchoten, Ayumi, Izumogaku, O-daiko, Yatai-bayashi, Tomorrow
[VOD Streaming]
Part 1: Dyu-Ha, Kono Mine no, Ayumi
Part 2: Hitohi, Hayate, Monochrome
Part 3: Izumogaku, O-daiko, Yatai-bayashi, Tomorrow
Jan. 19–22, 2021, at Ryotsu Culture Hall, Sado Island, Niigata
Apr. 28, 2021
[DVD] 4,500 yen (tax inc.),
[VOD Streaming] 480 yen per part (one-week rental)
Media Type(s):
DVD, VOD Streaming
[DVD] 96 mins.
[VOD Streaming] Part 1: 22 mins. / Part 2: 26 mins. / Part 3: 31mins.
Region Code:
ALL (Can be watched in any locale on any player.)
Color, NTSC
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