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This is the first Kodo album ever to be recorded entirely by Kodo performers. Sparked by a forced hiatus from touring during the COVID-19 pandemic, this digital album captures the sound of Kodo today, all crafted with meticulous care, captured, and mixed at Kodo Village.

In 2020, many of Kodo’s performances were canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ensemble was holed up at Kodo Village for weeks on end. The performers kept their creative juices flowing by focusing on composing and sound creation. They also used this unexpected down time to develop new skills, learning to record their own sound and produce their own music. That’s how this album came about. It’s a symbol of the progress Kodo made with its musical endeavors while touring was at a stand still.

Kodo is meticulous about the sound it conjures acoustically on stage. Through this process of creation, trial, and error, the performers have become just as particular about their audio recordings, too. We hope you enjoy the sound Kodo crafted for your listening pleasure during the time people around the world had to stay apart.


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Mar. 18, 2022
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