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“Tamasaburo Bando x Kodo ‘Amaterasu'” on WOWOW Live Channel

Tamasaburo Bando x Kodo “Amaterasu”
Dec. 27 Repeat Broadcast on WOWOW Live Channel


The “Amaterasu” performance at Minami-za in October 2013 will be shown again on WOWOW Live Channel in Japan. If you are in Japan, we hope you will tune in!
See here for details: http://www.wowow.co.jp/pg_info/detail/104464/index.php?m=01 (In Japanese)


“Amaterasu” will return for encore performances in 2015 at Osaka’s Shochiku-za Theatre!
For further information, please visit our website: http://www.kodo.or.jp/news/20150503amaterasu_en.html


WOWOW Live Channel
Tamasaburo Bando x Kodo “Amaterasu”

Dec. 27 (Sat) 15:00–

Programme Introduction
Living national treasure Tamasaburo Bando directed and performed with Kodo in this elaborate production based on Japanese mythology. This performance took place seven years after the debut “Amaterasu” performances in 2006. It was filmed for television live at Minami-za Kabuki Theater in Kyoto City, which is famous for its architectural style. 

Director: Tamasaburo Bando
Appearing: Tamasaburo Bando, Kodo
Special Appearance: Harei Aine



Photos: Takashi Okamoto

Earth Celebration 2014 Photo Gallery

photo: Maiko Miyagawa

A new gallery page with photos from Earth Celebration 2014 is now ready for viewing on the official EC website. Have a look at the great memories captured at EC this year!

Earth Celebration 2014 Photo Gallery

News: Article in “SINRA” Magazine

Article in “SINRA” Magazine

An interview with our artistic director Tamasaburo Bando and an article introducing Kodo are featured in the September 2014 issue of “SINRA” magazine. If you’re in Japan, we hope you’ll take a look.

SINRA WEB|http://sinraweb.jp/ (In Japanese)
“SINRA” September 2014 issue
Price: 1,200 yen (incl. sales tax)
On sale from July 24, 2014.

“Kodo and Sado” by Tomohiro Mitome

July 1, 2014

This is Tomohiro Mitome, leader of taiko performing arts ensemble Kodo.
At the beginning of June, the rainy season set in around the Kanto area (near Tokyo) and I expected that it would reach us on Sado by mid-June. However, even though they have had rain on the mainland in Niigata, thanks to some westerlies we have mainly had just clouds and it’s been around 24 degrees on Sado most of the time. It’s is a little chilly in the morning and at night.

This month, I’m going to talk about the connection between Kodo and Sado.


Kodo Apprentice Centre (Kakinoura, Sado Island)


When you include the years of our antecedant group Ondekoza, about 40 years have passed since Kodo established its base on Sado Island. Before merging into one city (Sado City) a decade ago, the island was divided into ten municipalities. At first, our group was based in Hatano Town, then it moved to Mano Town, and finally we relocated to Ogi Town twenty-six years ago. The Kodo Apprentice Centre was located in Aikawa Town for six years, then in Mano Town for four years, and then it moved to its current home of Kakinoura nineteen years ago.
Most of the Kodo members now seen on stage are graduates from our Apprentice Centre in Kakinoura. Looking back, almost 200 young people to date have come to Sado Island to become Kodo apprentices. Some of them stayed on Sado after they finished the apprentice programme, and of course we, the Kodo members and staff, live on Sado, have families, and make our own connections in the community by living here and sending our children to school here.
If you want to know why our group chose Sado Island for its base, well, it’s a long story that requires some time to explain. If you are interested and can read Japanese, please read Kodo’s 30th anniversary publication Inochi Moyashite, Tatakeyo. – 30 Years of Kodo –. You will get to know a great deal about our group and learn about its roots. (Note: This book has Japanese text only with no English translation.)


Onidaiko from “Kodo One Earth Tour: Mystery”(Photo: Simon Jay Price)

▶ read more

“Collaborate with Kodo Via WholeWorldBand” by Kodo PR Team

Our new piece Open Doors (composed by Yosuke Oda & Masayuki Sakamoto) is now available on WholeWorldBand, a new iPad and iPhone application providing a global musical collaboration service.

Founded by multi-award-winner video director Kevin Godley (10cc), WholeWorldBand is an exciting new iPad and iPhone application that allows anyone to to take part in making music and videos that can be shared and enjoyed worldwide.

Here’s an example of a collaboration with Kodo using this app:

WholeWorldBand | Kodo Fan Video Mix | Open Doors on YouTube http://youtu.be/m1eLRBsmhgw


Your collaboration with us could be playing a guitar, clapping your hands, adding film footage to our piece, or of course jamming with us on taiko drums!

We hope you’ll join us on WholeWorldBand and bring all kinds of ideas to collaborate with us! We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing what you come up with!


WholeWorldBand(iTunes Store)

*The app is free and it’s free to watch the performances on it. If you download the app, then search for “Kodo,” you will find our new piece “Open Doors”

WholeWorldBand Official Website http://wholeworldband.com


Presenting the New Online Kodo Photo Gallery


Tomohiro Mitome, Kodo Ensemble Leader


Photo: Takashi Okamoto

Yuichiro Funabashi, Kodo Deputy Ensemble Leader



Yoshikazu Fujimoto (Distinguished Member)


Photo: Karen Steains

Chieko Kojima (Distinguished Member)


Photo: Karen Steains

Yoko Fujimoto (Distinguished Member)



Motofumi Yamaguchi (Distinguished Member)

“Collaborate with Kodo Using WholeWorldBand” by Kodo PR Team

Our new piece Open Doors (composed by Yosuke Oda & Masayuki Sakamoto) is now available on WholeWorldBand, a new iPad and iPhone application providing a global musical collaboration service.

KODO app still

Founded by multi-award-winner video director Kevin Godley (10cc), WholeWorldBand is an exciting new iPad and iPhone app that allows anyone to to take part in making music and videos that can be shared and enjoyed worldwide. WWB enables musicians around the world to collaborate in music and vision – interacting with each other, their fans and a new audience. Everyone from famous professionals to complete beginners can work together to create songs and visuals using just the camera and microphone in their iOS device.”

WWB already has a number of successful musicians uploading tracks to the app for you to play with – from established artists like Ronnie Wood, Stewart Copeland, David Gray, to the new and exciting Lisa Hannigan, Passenger, Kill It Kid and many more.  Using the app is like entering a virtual recording studio. Just pick a recording session & contribute a vocal, instrumental, visual or anything else that you feel like adding… or you can simply build and mix your own custom videos, you don’t even have to be a musician! Once that’s done it can be turned into a multi-channel video that can be shared via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

WholeWorldBand Official Website


WholeWorldBand asked us to participate in this project, so we composed a new piece especially for it entitled Open Doors. It was recorded during our European tour on Feb. 23, 2014, at the National Concert Hall in Dublin, Ireland.


The app is free and it’s free to watch the performances on it. If you download the app, then search for “Kodo,” you can watch our video. We hope you’ll try this app if you have an iPhone or iPad. Also, we hope you’ll use this app to make your own collaboration with Kodo. We’re looking forward to hearing what people come up with!

WholeWorldBand(iTunes Store)

“Kodo ‘Honoka’ [Live] Digital Version Now on Sale” by Kodo PR Team


This live recording from DVD “Kodo Honoka” is available exclusively for online purchase as a digital download.
See here for details: http://www.kodo.or.jp/news/20140607honoka_live_en.html

You can take this live album wherever you go on your smart phone. It also features the original recording of “Tomorrow” as a bonus track, which was the encore piece for the stage performance.

We hope you’ll enjoy our current tour “Mystery” live at the theater, the new DVD of our last production “Legend” at home, and this digital download of “Kodo 30th Anniversary One Earth Tour 2011” on your mobile devices. The “Legend” DVD goes on sale on June 21 at our “Mystery” performance in Asakusa, Tokyo.


Artistic Director Tamasaburo Bando’s Second Production “Kodo One Earth Tour 2014: Mystery”

Kodo DVD “Legend” – On sale June 21, 2014

Tsuyoshi Maeda: An Interview by Johnny Wales

An Interview with Tsuyoshi Maeda by Johnny Wales

Image 2

Tsuyoshi Maeda, immediately after this interview.
(Photo: Johnny Wales)

Tsuyoshi Maeda was born in the countryside near Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture on August 28th, 1986. He has one older sister. He fondly remembers a childhood playing in the surrounding foothills, fishing with friends from their small school with whom he remained close from kindergarten right through to middle school. Never keen on school work, Tsuyoshi played soccer and loved making music and art. At the age of 11 he joined the local children’s drum group, Hatakko Daiko. Learning taiko, fue, dance and song, it wasn’t long before Tsuyoshi knew that this is what he wanted to do with his life. Unusually, his parents supported that dream from the start. By high school his rehearsals and weekly performances with the group left too little time to carry on with soccer and he broadened his musical training by studying koto and (Japanese harp) shamisen (Japanese banjo) too.

He first came across Kodo in middle school through a CD which he listened to over and over. He went to see the group at a large concert in Kobe and decided then and there that he wanted to be like them. He remembers thinking that they seemed to shine on the stage.

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“Working Hard Rehearsing for ‘DADAN’!” by Rai Tateishi

We are preparing for July’s “DADAN” performances in Spain and France!

We have a fresh new cast and new pieces on the program, too!

DSC04708-fPhoto: Yui Kawamoto

Presented by an all-male cast of eleven performers, DADAN awaits you this summer in Europe!

España y Francia, esperen la gran presentación que les traeremos.

Nous vous attendons avec joie et impatience pour nos spectacles en Espagne et en France!


Kodo “DADAN” Spain & France Performances


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