Kodo Interactive Performances
May 14 (Sat), 2016 Yachiyo, Chiba

Taiko is so much fun! Come and enjoy taiko with your five senses as you watch, listen, and move to the beat with Kodo. Through talks by the performers throughout the performance and a taiko experience corner, you will get to know Kodo and enjoy taiko in brand new ways.

Kodo Interactive Performances

May 14 (Sat), 2016 Yachiyo-shi Shimin Kaikan, Yachiyo, Chiba

Doors Open:
1F seats 3,000 yen, 2F seats 1,500 yen
1F seats 3,000 yen, 2F seats 1,500 yen
Seating Details:
All seats reserved. Ages 3 & over are welcome.
Ticket Availability:
Now on sale
Ticket Outlets:
Yachiyo-shi Shimin Kaikan Tel. 047-483-5111
Yachiyodai Bunka Center Tel. 047-482-1833
Katsutadai Bunka Center Tel. 047-483-2141
Ticket Pia (P-code 287-344) Tel. 0570-02-9999 http://t.pia.jp/
Lawson Ticket (L-code 34471) Tel. 0570-084-003 http://l-tike.com/
e+ (e plus) http://eplus.jp/
Caps Tel. 043-224-1710 http://on-caps.co.jp
*2F tickets only available from Yachiyo-shi Shimin Kaikan and Caps.
Venue Access:
10-min. walk from Yachiyo Chuo Stn. or Murakami Stn. on the Toyo Rapid Line.
25-min. walk from Keisei Owada Stn. on the Keisei Narita Line.
Venue Website:
Caps Tel. 043-224-1710, http://on-caps.co.jp
Yachiyo Culture & Sports Promotion Foundation Tel. 047-483-5111