Earth Celebration 2014 "Shiroyama Concerts"


The first evening's concert will feature the entire Kodo ensemble, from its youngest performers to its veterans. For the second and third night’s concerts Kodo has invited two groups of guest artists. The first guest, “BLUE TOKYO,” is a group of highly trained rhythmic gymnasts who bring refined artistic qualities to their performance. The second guest, “DAZZLE,” has captured a great deal of international attention for its creative dance style. By collaborating with the powerful dancers from these two groups Kodo hopes to bring a new flavor of performing arts to the Shiroyama Concerts.

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Earth Celebration 2014 "Shiroyama Concerts"

Aug. 22 (Fri) - 24 (Sun), 2014 Ogi Shiroyama Park Special Stage, Sado Island, Niigata Japan

Artistic Directors/ Performers
Aug. 22 (Fri)
Artistic Director: Mitsuru Ishizuka (Kodo)
Featuring: Kodo
Aug. 23 (Sat)
Artistic Director: Tsuyoshi Maeda (Kodo), Choreographer: Tatsuya Hasegawa (DAZZLE)
Featuring: Kodo, Guest Artist: BLUE TOKYO
Aug. 24 (Sun)
Artistic Director: Yosuke Oda (Kodo), Choreographer: Tatsuya Hasegawa (DAZZLE)
Featuring: Kodo, Guest Artists: BLUE TOKYO, DAZZLE
Advance: General 1-day ticket 5,200 yen
Rush Tickets: General 1-day ticket 5,500 yen
*Discounts including multiple-day tickets and student tickets are available. Ages 14 & under receive free admission ("Complimentary Children's Ticket" required.)
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All free seating
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Now on sale
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Tel. 0259-86-2330 (Please note that English telephone assistance is subject to staff availability.)
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Shiroyama Concerts will be held rain or shine.