Tsuyoshi Maeda Appearance in "FLAMENCO Sonezaki Shinju"

FLAMENCO Sonezaki Shinju

Kodo's Tsuyoshi Maeda will join the cast of "FLAMENCO Sonezaki Shinju," produced by Yoko Agi with musical direction by Ryudo Uzaki. This highly acclaimed production premiered in 2001 and features flamenco by Mayumi Kagita and Hiroki Sato's dance company ARTE Y SOLERA. Maeda collaborated with the ensemble for the first time last year in "desnudo Vol. 10 - Kodo x FLAMENCO."

"Sonezaki Shinju" ("The Love Suicides at Sonezaki") is the Bunraku lover-suicide masterpiece by renowned Japanese puppet theater & Kabuki playwright Chimatsu Monzaemon. It has been performed for over three centuries since its premiere in 1703 at the Takemoto-za Bunraku theater in Osaka. ARTE Y SOLERA will fuse the world of "Sonezaki Shinju" with the world of flamenco in this stage production. With lyrics by Yoko Agi, music by Ryudo Uzaki, and skillful new flamenco expression created by Mayumi Kagita & Hiroki Sato, this year's portrayal incorporates traditional Japanese instruments around a core of flamenco guitar. The bold instrumental lineup promises to be a real highlight.

You can download the flier here (in Japanese only).

Concert Flier

FLAMENCO Sonezaki Shinju

April 2 (Wed) - 6 (Sun) New National Theatre Tokyo Playhouse, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo

Yoko Agi
Musical Director:
Ryudo Uzaki
Mayumi Kagita, Hiroko Sato (flamenco), Yutaro Miura (vocals), Miyuki Mihara (vocals), Aru Nomoto (vocals), Akio Yokota (Fried Pride / guitar), Takashi Suzuki (guitar), Makoto Saito (guitar), Gen Ogimi (percussion), Naoki Kitajima (piano), Masashi Kimura (bass), Gessui Kuroda (Tosa biwa lute), Jiro Murayama (bamboo flute), Tsuyoshi Maeda (Kodo / taiko), Shiro Ijuin (palmas)
Apr. 2 (Wed) 18:30
Apr. 3 (Thu) 14:00
Apr. 4 (Fri) 12:00
Apr. 5 (Sat) 12:00 / 16:30
Apr. 6 (Sun) 12:00
*Doors open 30 mins. before start time.
S-seats 10,000 yen, A-seats 7,000 yen, SS-seats 13,000 yen (tax inc.)
S-seats 10,000 yen, A-seats 7,000 yen, SS-seats 13,000 yen (tax inc.)
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All seats reserved. Please refrain from bringing preschoolers.
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