Kodo Communications Renewal Announcement

In recent years, rapid advances in communications have allowed people to easily access an array of information and audio-visual data using mobile phones, devices and personal computers. Today, the number of Internet users continues to expand across generations. With the times, the demand for Kodo performance information and customer services through digital media has also increased. Moreover, as the range of Kodo's activities widens, we have more information to share with the public than ever before.

In response to these times, we, the Kodo Group, have updated our digital communications system to provide more information, more frequently, to our audiences. In June 2013, the Kodo website underwent a major renewal. On Facebook, this year we created a Japanese page alongside our existing English page. By the end of this year, we also plan to renovate the "Kodo Weblog." In addition to these changes, our English monthly journal "Kodo eNews," sent to subscribers by email as a downloadable PDF file, will finish in December 2013 and will be replaced by a new email information service and regular blog posts.

Kodo blog

Information by Email to Subscribers

English Newsletter "Kodo eNews" (Until Dec. 2013)