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The final issue of our monthly English newsletter, Kodo eNews, was sent out in December 2013. Our research shows that people prefer to get news from us more often, so from 2014 we will be putting more focus on our Facebook and blog pages. You will be able to read our Kodo eNews style articles online and we will send performance information to subscribers by email each week rather than each month. Thank you very much for reading our journal over the years. Please keep in touch with us in the years to come, too!

Kodo Communications Renewal Announcement

Latest Issue

Vol. 46 December 2013

  • Season's Greetings & Goodbye to Kodo eNews
  • Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Mystery
    A report by Sachiko Tamashige and Notes from the Producer Nobuyuki Nishimura
  • "Kodo One Earth Tour 2014: Legend" Heads to Europe
  • Updates from KASA
  • Kodo Close-Up: Chieko Kojima
    An interview with Johnny Wales
  • Kodo Juku 2013 - Eiichi Saito's Live-In Taiko Workshop
  • From the Kodo eNews Production Team
  • Kodo Performance Schedule 2013 - 2014

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