Kodo Special Performances on Sado Island in Summer: Special Bus Service to Ogi After the Performances

During the Kodo Special Performances on Sado Island, there will be a special bus service operating from Shukunegi to Ogi after each performance (after 16:00). If you are traveling by bus to the concerts, Niigata Kotsu offers an economical one-day pass (1,500 yen) for unlimited rides on local island buses. If you need to make transfers, please make use of this special offer to save money and make your trip easier.

Kodo Special Performances on Sado Island in Summer

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Model Course Using Local Island Buses

[Ryotsu Port to Shukunegi]

Jet Foil:
Dep. Niigata Port 7:55 > Arr. Ryotsu Port 9:00
Local Buses (On weekdays, arrival times to Mano Shinmachi and Ogi Port will be a little earlier):
10:07 Dep. Ryotsu > 10:51 Arr. Mano Shinmachi (transfer)
11:23 Dep. Mano Shinmachi > Arr. Ogi Port (transfer)
13:05 Dep. Ogi Port > 13:20 Arr. Shukunegi

[Shukunegi to Ryotsu Port]

Local Buses:
16:36 Dep. Shukunegi Taiken Gakushu Kaikan-mae > 16:49 Arr. Ogi Port (transfer)
17:26 Dep. Ogi Port > 18:12 Arr. Mano Shinmachi (transfer)
18:27 Dep. Mano Shinmachi > 19:03 Arr. Ryotsu Port
Car Ferry:
Dep. Ryotsu Port 19:30 – Arr. Niigata Port 22:00

There is a one-day pass available (1,500 yen) from Niigata Kotsu for unlimited travel on local island buses. For details, please contact Niigata Kotsu Sado.
Inquiries: Niigata Kotsu Sado Tel. 0259-57-2121 (Assistance in Japanese only)