Aoyama Taiko Kenbunroku

Through the summer months and into the fall, Yoshikazu Fujimoto will be performing up North and in Western Japan, perhaps coming to a town near you! These 4 performances will be collaborations with renowned taikoist Yu Imafuku. Come and see their famous piece "Jingi," and watch them take to the Odaiko for a sound that only these two veteran performers could create.

June 22 (Sado)

August 16 (Masuda, Shimane)

August 19 (Minato Ward, Tokyo)

September 28 (Murakami, Niigata)

Aoyama Taiko Kenbunroku

August 19 (Tue)

Aoyama Theatre

Shibuya Ward, Tokyo

Miyakejima Geino Doshikai , Shidara, Yoshikazu Fujimoto, Yu Imafuku, Hono Daiko, Kurokawa Sansa Odori (Iwate), Machiko Asano
Advance Tickets:
S: 4,500 yen, A: 4,000 yen
At The Door:
S: 4,500 yen, A: 4,000 yen
Seating Details:
All seats reserved
Ticket Availability:
Tickets go on sale June 14 (Sat).
Kodomo no Shiro Theatre Office 03-3797-5678