Hokkyosai Festival '08 'Japanese Taiko in Muroran'

Through the summer months and into the fall, Yoshikazu Fujimoto will be performing up North and in Western Japan, perhaps coming to a town near you! These 4 performances will be collaborations with renowned taikoist Yu Imafuku. Come and see their famous piece "Jingi," and watch them take to the Odaiko for a sound that only these two veteran performers could create.

June 22 (Sado)

August 16 (Masuda, Shimane)

August 19 (Minato Ward, Tokyo)

September 28 (Murakami, Niigata)

Hokkyosai Festival '08 'Japanese Taiko in Muroran'

July 6 (Sun)

Muroran Central Wharf Warehouses and Foreign Passenger Ship Berth area, etc

Muroran, Hokkaido

Wadaiko Matsumura-gumi, Miyakejima Geino Doshikai, Yoshikazu Fujimoto, Yu Imafuku, and others
Advance Tickets:
Adults: 2000 yen, Elementary - High school students: 1000 yen, free admission for pre-schoolers.
At The Door:
Adults: 2500 yen, Elementary - High school students: 1500 yen
Ticket Availability:
Tickets go on sale June 14 (Sat).
Hokkyosai Festival Committee 0143-43-2333
This event is being held as the "Hokkaido Toyako Summit Welcome Taiko Collaboration Concert." In addition to the above concert, at 10am there will be a Hokkaido dounan-area preliminary for the Japan Junior Taiko Contest, a 1-Stick Odaiko Playing National Competition, a collaborative performance of 'Yamabiko,' and performances by various taiko teams from around Hokkaido.