Yoko Fujimoto Appearance in "The World of Sansho the Bailiff"

Yoko Fujimoto

"I will never forget seeing the Bunya puppet play "Sansho the Bailiff" during the winter soon after I first moved to Sado Island. The tale of a separated mother and son was so emotional. This year it is a dream come true to have the chance to collaborate with this Bunya puppet play and Echigo Goze Uta (songs from Niigata). I am very happy and excited to take part and share my own songs, which I created especially for this performance. I hope you will join us this autumn to experience "The World of Sansho the Bailiff" on Sado Island." –Yoko Fujimoto


Yoko Fujimoto "Anju Zushiou Monogatari"(The Tale of Anju & Zushiou)
Tokiwa-za Bunya Puppet Troupe "Boshi Taimen no Ba"(Mother & Son Meet)
Goze Uta (Blind Woman's Song) "Saimon Matsusaka Sansho Dayu" (Sansho the Bailiff Song)

The World of Sansho the Bailiff

Nov. 12 (Sat), 2016 Tokiwa-za (2F Hall), Sado Island, Niigata

Naoko Kayamori (Echigo Goze Uta [vocals]), Tokiwa-za Bunya Puppet Troupe, Yoko Fujimoto (Kodo [vocals])
Doors Open:
2,000 yen
Seating Details:
All free seating. Programme content is suitable for ages 12 & over.
Venue Address:
104 Izumi, Sado, Niigata (adjacent to Tokiwa-kan)
Ticket Orders & Inquiries:
Tokiwa-kan Tel. 0259-67-7555