Kodo Cultural Foundation "Kodo Juku: Experience Sado" Live-in Workshop

"Kodo Juku" is a live-in workshop series presented by Kodo Cultural Foundation. The upcoming summer Kodo Juku has a special theme that invites participants to "Experience Sado" firsthand. Three Kodo Distinguished Members, Chieko Kojima, Yoko Fujimoto, and Motofumi Yamaguchi, will lead this 4-day/3-night encounter, each giving their own unique workshops to teach participants their choice of taiko, song or bamboo flute. The dynamic trio will also guide the whole group on fun exploration trips around the southern part of Sado Island. We hope you will take this opportunity to experience Sado Island with Kodo.

Update: We have extended the application deadline until June 30 (Thu). We hope you'll apply and come along.

*Workshops and Sado exploration activities will be conducted in Japanese.

You can download the English Application Form here.

Application Form PDF

Kodo Cultural Foundation "Kodo Juku: Experience Sado" Live-in Workshop

July 15 (Fri)–18 (Sun/Public Hol.), 2016 Four-day/three-night camp.
Fukaura Schoolhouse & Fukaura Gymnasium, Sado Island, Niigata (For activities & lodging)

Meeting/Drop-Off Place:
Ogi Port (Sado Island, Niigata)
Day 1 (July 15) 11:30 Meet at Ogi Port, 14:00–17:00 Sado Exploration, Evening Social Mixer
Day 2 (July 16) 9:30–12:00 Workshop, 14:00–17:00 Sado Exploration, Evening Story Time
Day 3 (July 17) 9:30–12:00 Workshop, 14:00–17:00 Sado Exploration, Evening Mini Concert
Day 4 (July 18) 9:00–10:30 Wrap-Up (recital, etc.), 11:10 Drop-off at Ogi Port
65,000 yen (Kodo no Kai members 60,000 yen) [Tax included]
*Fee incl. workshop instruction, tour guidance, accommodations, meals, insurance, and return meeting place transfers on Sado Island.
Activities & Instructors:
[Women's Style Taiko Workshop] "Hana Hachijo & Dance" with Chieko Kojima *All genders welcome.
[Song Workshop] "Voice Circle" with Yoko Fujimoto
[Bamboo Flute Workshop] "Shinobue Workshop" with Motofumi Yamaguchi
[Sado Exploration] Guides: Chieko Kojima, Yoko Fujimoto, Motofumi Yamaguchi
30 people (Min. No. of Participants: 12 people)
Participant Requirements:
Ages 16 & over
Venue Address:
336-4 Fukaura, Sado Island, Niigata
Application Method:
Please send the following details to Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatakokan) Email: info@sadotaiken.jp
Your name, age, occupation, gender, postal address, contact tel. number, email address, your preferred workshop (choose one only: taiko / song / flute), any comments/special requirements.
Application Form PDF
Application Deadline:
June 30 (Thu), 2016
Inquiries & Applications:
Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatakokan) Tel. 0259-86-2320 Fax. 0259-86-2385
Email: info@sadotaiken.jp
Kodo Cultural Foundation