Chieko Kojima Appearance in Yukiai Live "Iidatei x Yukiai x Bansuido Ongakukai"

Chieko Kojima conducts her solo projects under the name "Yukiai," a combination of two Japanese words meaning "go" and "meet." Looking for free expression beyond the Kodo stage, Chieko continues to travel to places near and far, meet all kinds of people, and encounter new sounds. This July, Chieko will appear in the second act of of a unique performing arts event called "Iidatei x Yukiai x Bansuido Ongakukai." This special Yukiai performance will take place at a 500-year-old homestead in Joetsu, Niigata, and features collaborations with duo Tomoro, the Kikuchis of Hachijo Daiko no Kai, Kagetomo Nagao and Sanjiro Nawa. We hope you will come and encounter new music and friends at this unique venue.

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Iidatei x Yukiai x Bansuido Ongakukai

July 9 (Sat), 2016 Iidatei Homestead, Joetsu, Niigata

Chieko Kojima [Kodo] (dance, taiko), Tomoro (Tetsuro Naito [taiko], Tomoko Takeda [bamboo flute]), Hachijo Daiko no Kai (Takashi Kikuchi, Suguru Kikuchi), Kagetomo Nagao (flamenco guitar, song, flute), Sanjiro Nawa (taiko)
[Part 1] 15:00– Talk Event "Our Surroundings & Performing Arts: A Letter from Bansuido Ongakukai"
[Part 2] 16:30– Yukiai Live
[Part 3] 18:30– Hotaru no Ko-odori Daidan-en (Dance Finale)
4,500 yen
4,500 yen
Venue Address:
318 Shobu, Oshima Ward, Joetsu, Niigata
Venue Access:
[By train] 10-min. drive from Hokuhoku Oshima Stn. on the Hokuetsu Express Hokuhoku Line.
[By bus] Take Joetsu Shiei Bus to "Shobu Center-mae."
[By car] 50 mins. from Joetsu I.C. or 70 mins. from Muika-machi I.C. on the Hokuritsu Expressway.
Event URL: (in Japanese)
Iida-tei Hozonkai (Iida Homestead Preservation Society) Tel. 025-594-2168