2016 Kumamoto Earthquake Condolences

The entire Kodo Group offers our heartfelt condolences to the people of Kumamoto Prefecture and Kyushu affected by the major earthquakes on April 14 & 16. We pray for their swift recovery from this natural disaster and sincerely hope for prompt improvements in the current emergency situation.

Kyushu is home to numerous taiko groups. Kodo enjoys regular tours and exchange in this part of southern Japan thanks to the support and invitations from taiko enthusiasts, schools, and the staff at concert venues in each prefecture. After the recent earthquakes in Kumamoto, Kodo is considering ways that we can support our friends and supporters in Kyushu.

Three members of the Kodo group hail from Kumamoto Prefecture: Masami Miyazaki, Tomoe Miura, and Masayasu Maeda. While their hometowns face difficult times, these three members continue their activities with dedication. We all hope that the sound of Kodo's taiko will help lift the spirits of people throughout Japan.

Kodo has school performances and theater performances scheduled in June and July in Kyushu. We are talking to the presenter at each venue to confirm these plans in the light of the recent natural disaster situation. Any changes will be announced on our website, so please check the top page for updates.

Donations Collected for Kumamoto Earthquake Relief