Chieko Kojima Taiko Workshop "Play Hana Hachijo"

Play Hana Hachijo

Chieko Kojima will lead "Hana Hachijo" workshops at Dojoji Temple in Wakayama the day after her performance with Wadaiko Bonten. These workshops start with the fundamentals of her women's style drumming and use her signature piece, "Hana Hachijo," to learn this dance-like way of playing taiko. Come along to learn to drum in a supple, graceful, and powerful way!

This workshop has reached its capacity. Thank you for your interest.

Workshop Flier

Chieko Kojima Taiko Workshop "Play Hana Hachijo"

Mar. 27 (Sun), 2016 Dojoji Temple Visitors Room, Hidakagawa, Wakayama

Chieko Kojima
Time Schedule:
Registration 9:00
Morning Session (for beginners) 10:00–12:30
Afternoon Session (to develop skills) 13:30–16:00
5,000 yen per session
20 people per session. WORKSHOP FULL
Please wear clothing that allows free movement and bring your own bachi (drumsticks). (As a guide, 40cm long x 2cm diameter sticks made from maple or oak as preferable.)
Inquiries & Applications:
Mr. Keiji Hara Tel. 090-6985-2856 Email:
To apply, please send the following details to Mr. Hara by email: 1. Full name / 2. Postal address / 3. Contact phone number / 4. Email address / 5. Taiko experience / 6. Desired session(s)