Photo Exhibition & Performances "Kiyohime Senya Ichiya @ Yawatahama"

Chieko Kojima has based her life's work on the story of Anchin and Kiyohime from the Dojoji Tales. Over the course of a year, she let her own unique Kiyohime explore the four seasons on Sado Island to create a brand new tale in collaboration with photographer Maiko Miyagawa. It is now available as a photo book called "Kasane no Kiyohime Monogatari –The Myriad Layers of Kiyohime–."

To commemorate the release of this stunning collection of photos, Chieko and Maiko will embark on a photo exhibition & performance tour. Their first stop is Yawatahama in Ehime where Chieko will collaborate with shinobue (bamboo flute) performer Kazunari Abe. This will be their first "on-stage" reunion since Kazunari parted ways with Kodo seven years ago. We hope you will join them this spring for a peaceful yet theatrical concert filled with feel-good sound, dance, and stories.

Concert Flier

Photo Exhibition & Performances "Kiyohime Senya Ichiya @ Yawatahama"

Mar. 17 (Thu), 2016 Minato Koryukan, Yawatahama, Ehime

Chieko Kojima
Guest Appearance:
Kazunari Abe (bamboo flute, taiko)
Doors Open:
Afternoon performance 13:30 / Evening performance 18:30
Afternoon performance 14:00 / Evening performance 19:00
General 2,000 yen
General 2,000 yen
Seating Details:
All free seating. Please refrain from bringing preschoolers (ages 5 & under).
Ticket Availability:
Now on sale
Venue Address:
1581-23 Okishiden, Yawatahama, Ehime
Venue Access:
5-min. drive from Yawatahama Stn. on the JR Yosan Line.
25-min. drive from Ozu I.C. on the Matsuyama Expressway.
3-min. walk from Yawatahama Ferry Terminal.
Venue Website:
Ticket Outlets:
Minato Koryukan (Yawatahama Minatto) Tel. 0894-21-3710 (9:00–18:00)
Ms. Yano Tel. 090-4783-6780
Performances will be held in tandem with photo exhibition "Chieko Kojima × Maiko Miyagawa 'Kiyohime on Sado Island'."