Member Notices (Mariko Omi, Tetsumi Hanaoka, Kosuke Urushikubo, Yuki Nakagawa)

Farewell Message from Tetsumi Hanaoka

I entered the Kodo Apprentice Centre hoping to become a Kodo member. While I lived at the Centre, I encountered the many performing arts that live and breathe on Sado Island and they became my purpose in life. Most people do not get the chance to fly around the world like a breeze as we do with Kodo and I think it is a wonderful experience. Yet I found myself attracted to putting down roots, like a plant in soil, and yearning to live with my feet on the ground.

There are many festivals on Sado Island. I will no longer take part in them as a wanderer who comes and goes. From now on, I will join in as "one of the locals." I look forward to living my life here wholeheartedly on Sado Island. Thank you all for everything.

Tetsumi Hanaoka

Kodo performer Mariko Omi will step down from the stage at the end of March at the end of the "Mystery" Europe Tour. From April, she will continue to work with Kodo as a member of our staff.

In other news, performer Kosuke Urushikubo will part ways with Kodo at the end of August 2016. He will appear in all his scheduled performances until then. Also, Kitamaesen staff member Yuki Nakagawa will leave our company at the end of March 2016.

Thank you very much to everyone who has supported their activities with us to date.