Kodo Appearance at "Rizumu o Taikan Concert" (Feel the Rhythm Concert)

Rizumu o Taikan Concert

This is a family-friendly concert that lets adults and kids enjoy music and rhythm together through a fun taiko, guitar and tap dance performance. This concert is especially for people who live, work or study in Tokyo, so if you fit the criteria, please apply for one of the 1,500 free tickets.

With thunderous taiko by Kodo, dynamic steps by world-class tap dancer Kazunori Kumagai, and powerful guitar playing by Kotaro Oshio, you'll experience a one-of-a-kind collaboration between three distinct genres. Come and feel the rhythm with your body and soul!

You can download the flier here (in Japanese only).

Concert Flier PDF

"Rizumu o Taikan Concert" (Feel the Rhythm Concert)

Sep. 26 (Sat), 2015 Orchard Hall, Bunkamura, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo

Doors Open:
17:00 (Ends at approx. 19:00)
Free tickets will be given to 1,500 applicants who live, work, or study in Tokyo (If you fit the criteria and wish to attend, please apply for tickets.)
Seating Details:
Please refrain from bringing preschoolers ages 2 & under.
Application Website:
Application deadline is Aug. 25.
Venue Access:
Venue Website:
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Personnel Support Foundation " Rizumu o Taikan Concert" Staff Tel. 03-3466-7891