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Kodo Interactive Performances

Enjoy watching, playing and listening to taiko at our "Interactive Performances" and "School Workshop Performances." These unique concerts are fun for the whole family, from youngsters to senior citizens, which allow you to feel the power and energy of the Kodo stage in close proximity. Through talks by the performers throughout the performance and a taiko experience corner, you will get to know Kodo and enjoy taiko in brand new ways.

*Taiko experiences are not included at certain performance venues.

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Mar. 2015

Director: Tsuyoshi Maeda

Performers: Yuichiro Funabashi, Mitsuru Ishizuka, Kenta Nakagome, Tsuyoshi Maeda, Rai Tateishi, Maya Minowa, Ryosuke Inada

*Cast subject to change

Schedules Mar. 2015