Yosuke Oda Appearance in "Red Bull Music Academy presents The Garden Beyond"

The Red Bull Music Academy has been encouraging talented young artists around the globe since 1998. This year, the Academy brings its unique events to Tokyo.
One of the performances will feature pioneering Japanese hip hop artist DJ KRUSH, who will be joined on stage by our very own Yosuke Oda. The performance will incorporate taiko, shakuhachi (traditional bamboo flute) and gagaku instruments (from Japanese court music). It's a one-night only event, so don't miss it!

Red Bull Music Academy presents The Garden Beyond

Oct. 20 (Mon), 2014 Tokyo National Museum / The Gallery of Horyuji Treasures, Taito Ward, Tokyo

DJ KRUSH, Yosuke Oda (Kodo / taiko), Shuzan Morita (shakuhachi / traditional bamboo end-blown flute), Kojun Shimomiya (hosho / traditional bamboo mouth organ), Ryuichi Kaneko (hichiriki / traditional double reed flute)
2,500 yen
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Tickets on sale from Aug. 23 (TBC)
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13-9 Ueno Koen (Park), Taito Ward, Tokyo