Kodo "Honoka" [Live] Digital Version Now on Sale

This live recording is from the powerful stage finale of the "Kodo 30th Anniversary One Earth Tour 2011," held at Tokyo's Aoyama Theatre in December 2011 after an extensive nationwide tour throughout Japan. It is available exclusively for online purchase as a digital download.

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Honoka [Live]

Featured Programme
Honoka, Tomoe, Stride, Matoka Saso, Momotsuzuri, Kiyari, Miyake, Harukanaru Mine, Sora, Ogi Oiwake, O-daiko [Yoshikazu Fujimoto], O-daiko [Tomohiro Mitome], Zoku, Tomorrow, Tomorrow [Original Recording]
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This recording has the same audio content as the Kodo 30th Anniversary DVD "Kodo Honoka." This recording is not available on CD. Please purchase this digital version as a download to play on your computer or mobile device. A credit card, iTunes gift card, or other form of electronic payment is required for purchase.