Rolex Japan Presents "Amaterasu"
Akasaka ACT Theater

In 2013, musical dance play "Amaterasu" returns with a brand new cast. The production features glorious dance by Tamasaburo Bando as the sun goddess Amaterasu, and Kodo performers playing taiko, koto harps, flutes and singing as they depict the gods who appear in this well-known Japanese myth.


Tamasaburo Bando
Kodo (Eiichi Saito, Tomohiro Mitome, Masaru Tsuji, Yosuke Oda, Kenzo Abe, Masayuki Sakamoto, Kenta Nakagome, Tsuyoshi Maeda, Eri Uchida, Mariko Omi, Yosuke Kusa, Maya Minowa, Akiko Ando, Yosuke Inoue, Yuta Sumiyoshi, Tetsumi Hanaoka, Kosuke Urushikubo, Jun Jidai, Masato Fukushima, Koki Miura)
Special Appearance: Harei Aine (Former Takarazuka Revue male role star)

Performance Details

July 4 (Thu) – 28 (Sun) Akasaka ACT Theater, Minato Ward, Tokyo 23 performances

Please see the calendar below
S-seats 13,000 yen, A-seats 9,000 yen, B-seats 6,000 yen
S-seats 13,000 yen, A-seats 9,000 yen, B-seats 6,000 yen, Standing ticket 5,000 yen
Seating Details:
All seats reserved. Preschoolers will not be admitted.
Ticket Availability:
There will be a small number of door sales (regular seats) and standing tickets on sale at every performance.
*The number of tickets will vary for each performance.
*Tickets will be on sale from one hour before each performance at the Akasaka ACT Theater ticket counter and only one ticket can be purchased per person, on a first-come, first-served basis.
*Standing tickets will go on sale only after seated tickets have sold out.
Friends of Kodo:
Pre-orders have finished.
Venue Access:
1-min. walk from Akasaka Stn. on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line.
Ticket Space Tel. 03-3234-9999
(Mon – Sat, 10:00 – 12:00/13:00 – 18:00. Will be open Mar. 3 (Sun) when ticket sales begin)

Performances for the First Time in Six Years with a Brand New Cast

"Amaterasu" was first performed in 2006 at Setagaya Public Theater and Minami-za Kabuki Theater to commemorate Kodo's 25th anniversary. Encore performances were held in 2007 at Tokyo's Kabuki-za. This year, the production returns with a completely new cast.

In 2013, Yosuke Oda (Tokyo, Kyoto performances) and Mitsuru Ishizuka (Fukuoka performances) will tackle the lead role alongside sun goddess Amaterasu, portraying the god, Susano'o. Furthermore, this time Mitsuru Ishizuka will take the reigns as music director. Overall, the performers who were young newcomers in the original production six years ago will become the main essence of the new performance.

Special Appearance as Ameno-uzume

Harei Aine (Former Takarazuka Revue Male Role Star)

Joining the myriad gods portrayed by Kodo, former Takarazuka Revue performer Harei Aine will appear as Ameno-uzume, who dances with all her might in front of the cave of the sun goddess. This will be Ms. Aine's first time to work with Tamasaburo Bando and Kodo.

Harei Aine joined the Takarazuka Revue in 1997. She stood out right from her debut as a good-looking Hanagumi male role performer, appearing and flourishing in numerous works including "Maihime," "Side Story: The Rose of Versailles," "Gubijin," and "Phantom." Ms. Aine was the male role star of the highly appraised operetta company, embodying both the tradition and refinement of the Takarazuka Revue. She has brilliant expressiveness and outstanding acting abilities. In October 2012, she retired from the Revue, to the regret of many, and just as she set off on a new path, she encountered this production of "Amaterasu."