Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend
May - June, Japan

The first work by our newly appointed artistic director Tamasaburo Bando is a brand new production called "Kodo One Earth Tour: Legend," which debuted in May 2012.

Schedule Details for June 2013, Japan

From Tamasaburo Bando

I present to you “Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend," my first work as the new artistic director for Kodo.

In this production, I wanted to create a performance that pays homage to the profound expressions of Kodo to date, adds splendor and levity, and harmonizes all elements into a single flow that undulates throughout the programme. I have also composed new pieces in the hopes that they will be passed on to future generations. In these days of tremendous challenge and difficulty, my aim is simply to create a performance that will transport the audience into an inspiring alternate reality, even if just for a brief spell.

For this performance, in addition to Kodo's standard hanten (traditional Japanese coat), I have also introduced some original costumes with additional fun and flair. I hope that both seasoned fans and first-time audience members will enjoy the entirety of this programme.

Moving forward, I will continue to devote myself to the role of Kodo artistic director. I hope that many people will take this opportunity to see the performance, and that the audience will become even more fond of the ensemble.

Press Comments

"The troupe's ritualistic wallop also revealed how today's skins-smacking Vegas shows—Blue Man Group, Cirque du Soleil's Mystère—are indebted to the art form of ensemble drumming, or taiko."

"In sum, Kodo One Earth Tour 2013's Vegas stop inspired everyone on a musical level, and made many of us consider renewing our gym memberships."

Vegas Seven (Las Vegas, February 7th, 2013)

"Kodo proves a spellbinding experience"

"Clearly, what Kodo aimed for — and achieved — was a hypnotic atmosphere. The music had a transporting effect. Drums are, after all, humankind's first musical instrument. Perhaps the driving rhythms evoked, in some minds, an ancient landscape. The simple tunes played by the four flutists on a pentatonic scale, meanwhile, conjured an Asian Arcadia."

Greenville online.com (Greenville, SC) Feb 25, 2013

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Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend


Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Legend