Yuichiro Funabashi, Yosuke Oda Guest Appearance at Sato-oto Taiko Festival in Seiro Vol. 6

Based in the town of Seiro, Niigata taiko group Seiro Daiko "Sato-oto" has enjoyed exchange with Kodo ever since their group began and invites Kodo to join their annual festival each spring. This year Yuichiro Funabashi and Yosuke Oda will take part. We hope to see you there!

You can download the flier here (in Japanese only).
Sato-oto Taiko Festival

Sato-oto Taiko Festival in Seiro Vol. 6

Mar. 17 (Sun) Open: 13:00, Start: 13:30

Seiro-machi Bunka Kaikan (Kitakanbara, Niigata)

Seiro Daiko "sato-oto"
Guest Appearance:
Kodo (Yuichiro Funabashi, Yosuke Oda)
1,000 yen
1,200 yen. All free seating. Pre-schoolers will not be permitted.
Ticket Availability:
On sale from Dec. 20 (Thu). Order by email or telephone.
Seiro-machi Chomin Kaikan Tel. 0254-27-2121
Email: satooto@van-rai.net