May 20 (Sun) Yoko Fujimoto Solo Concert Hana no Utenani (Mibu, Tochigi)

Yoko Fujimoto

Yoko Fujimoto, vocalist on the Kodo stage and workshop instructor, will give a solo concert at Mibudera Nursery School. The program will have two parts and the first part will be closed to the public. The second part will be held at the time listed below and general admission will be possible for ages 6 & over.

Yoko Fujimoto Solo Concert Hana no Utenani Part 2

May 20 (Sun)

Mibudera Hoikuen (Mibudera Nursery School) 2F Hall (Mibu, Tochigi)

Doors Open:
14:30 (End 15:30, TBC)
1,500 yen
20-min. walk from Mibu Stn. on the Tobu Line.
Venue Address:
11-17 Daishimachi, Mibu-machi, Shimotsuga-gun, Tochigi 321-0228
Mibudera Hoikuen (Mibudera Nursery School) Tel. 0282-82-0811
Inquiry Period:
Apr. 2 (Mon) - Apr. 17 (Tue) 9:00 - 17:00 (except Sat & Sun)