Sado Island Taiko Centre Festival "Tatakokan Matsuri"

Tatakokan Matsuri

Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatakokan), situated next to Kodo Village on a hilltop with amazing views, will host a festival in March this year.

The first part offers a market full of freshly harvested delicacies from the Ogi Peninsula, Sado Performing Arts, and creative hands-on activities. It's a fun all-day event for the whole family to enjoy. The Ogi Misaki Café will serve its ever-popular handmade soba noodles and a taste of the seasonal, mouth-watering flavors of the Ogi Peninsula.

The second part will take the fun to another venue, Fukaura Primary School, which closed in 2011, where we'll hold a Kodo Workshop-Performance. It's just a 10-min. walk from the Tatakokan towards Sawasaki Lighthouse.

We hope spring tourists on Sado and locals with their friends and relatives visiting on the weekend will all join us at Kodo's base for a fun-filled day.

Tatakokan Matsuri

March 18 (Sun) - Part One Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatakokan)

10:00 – 14:30
Performing Arts on the Hour, flea market, Ogi Misaki Café, hands-on craft activities, "30 Years of Kodo" exhibition
Performing Arts on the Hour Program
10:00 Shinchan-Sensei
10:45 Shimateiko no Kai
11:30 Shukunegi Onidaiko
12:30 Korei no Kai
13:15 Kodo Apprentices
14:00 Uwano Daidai Kagura (Ogi)

March 18 (Sun) - Part Two Kodo Workshop-Performance (60 mins., includes a taiko experience corner)

Doors Open:
Tomohiro Mitome, Takeshi Arai, Ayako Onizawa, Masami Miyazaki, Mariko Omi, Rai Tateishi, Shogo Komatsuzaki, etc
Adults 2,000 yen, ages 6-11 1,000 yen, preschoolers receive free admission.
Ticket Availability:
On sale now at Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatakokan)
Entrance Vouchers:
Available on the day from 10:30 am at the venue.

Seeking Tatakokan Matsuri Flea Market Stall Holders

We are looking for stallholders, so if you would like to have your own booth, please inquire to Sado Island Taiko Centre.
Applications close March 11 (Sun).

Invitation to Tohoku Pacific Earthquake & Tsunami Evacuees Living on Sado Island

We would like to invite Tohoku Pacific Earthquake evacuees living on Sado Island to be our guests to the Kodo Small Ensemble Performance. For details, please contact the Sado Island Taiko Centre.


Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatakokan)
Tel. 0259-86-2320 (Japanese assistance only)
Email: (English assistance available) (Japanese only)

You can download the flier here (in Japanese only).
Tatakokan Matsuri