Live Kodo Appearance on WOWOW "The Prime Show"

Kodo will make a live appearance on WOWOW's free live broadcast information program, which covers the latest in world entertainment news. The program has a corner called "Entertainment Queen" that features women in the entertainment world, and this time they will take a close-up look at Kodo's young performer Eri Uchida. The segment will feature interviews with Uchida, scenes from rehearsals on Sado Island, and a live studio performance by four Kodo members. This is a free-to-air program, so anyone with a satellite receiver can tune in. We hope you'll enjoy the segment.

WOWOW "The Prime Show" (Free program)

Broadcast Date & Time:
Dec. 6 (Tues) 18:55-19:50
Jon Kabira
Daily Newscaster:
Kazuki Imagai, Masaru Tsuji, Shogo Yoshii, Eri Uchida (Approx. 15-min. segment)