Announcing Television Broadcasts Featuring Kodo
NHK BS1 El Mundo
NHK Educational TV Nippon no Geino - Geino Hyakka Ryoran

To spotlight Kodo's 30th anniversary, our group's activities will be introduced on two different NHK TV programs.
El Mundo will feature an interview with Yoshikazu Fujimoto and Motofumi Yamaguchi followed by a live studio performance. Nippon no Geino (Japan's Performing Arts) was recorded at Kodo Village. It looks back over Kodo's history through video footage, and includes a discussion between Tomohiro Mitome and the host of the program. We hope you'll tune in for these special episodes.

NHK BS1 World TV El Mundo

September 16 (Fri) 23:00 – 23:48 (TBC)

Broadcast Station:
NHK BS1 (Live Broadcast)
TV Program Site (Japanese only):

NHK Educational TV Nippon no Geino - Geino Hyakka Ryoran: Kessei 30 Nen, Kodo no Sekai

September 23 (Fri/Public Hol.) 22:15 – 22:58 (TBC)

Broadcast Station:
NHK Educational TV
TV Program Site (Japanese only):