Member Notices

At the end of March, junior member Akira Takahashi left Kodo. And we apologise for this sudden announcement, but Kodo performer Tokio Takahashi also decided to part ways with Kodo on April 16. Thank you very much for your support of both of these members over the years.

I decided to leave Kodo for personal reasons. I will return to my hometown and think about what I can and should do there. I hope to be able to help people there and I will do the best I can to assist the Tohoku Pacific Earthquake recovery efforts. I really want to express my appreciation to everyone who has supported me until now, and I hope you all continue to support me in the future as well.

Tokio Takahashi

Since I came to Kodo, including my years at the apprentice centre, I have been supported and looked after by many people. I think that is why I was able to grow up so much and I feel blessed. I believe I was able to make it to the Kodo stage because of everyone’s support and hopes for me, which continue to be my treasured gift. I will take this gift of support and move forward in my life. Thank you for teaching me so many things.

Akira Takahashi