From the North America Tour Members

It is hard to find the words to express what it is like to be away from Japan at a time like this. However, the people in North America have really cheered us on with their words and their actions. We are praying constantly that even some of those thoughts and that strength will reach Japan.

Since March 11, with the support of our presenters we have been collecting donations at each of our concert venues (March 11 Toronto, March 13 Boston, March 14 New York Kodo 30th Anniversary Reception, March 17 Richmond). The collection method differs for each place. For some venues the Red Cross Society is collecting donations in the lobby and at others they use a short time before the performance to tell the audience how to donate 10 dollars to the American Red Cross via their mobile phones. In Richmond, our performers Kazuki Imagai and Masami Miyazaki went out into the lobby after the performance to help out.

We pray for the aftershocks to end as soon as possible, and for the swift search for missing persons and restoration of the damaged areas. We continue our performances (which we were entrusted to give at the highest quality) with these prayers in our hearts and thoughts of how we can help in our minds.

Regarding this natural disaster, we have received warm messages from our numerous concert presenters, agents, promoters, fellow taiko groups, and friends around the world. Thank you all for your kindness.

Jun Akimoto, North America Tour Manager