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It has been five years since our best-of album Heartbeat Best of Kodo 25th Anniversary hit the shelves and six years since our last all-original album Prism Rhythm was released. So this year we are extremely excited to put out a brand new album that captures the spirit of the group today and is sure to become a defining recording for Kodo in the next generation.

Recorded at Kodo Village, this 11-track disc includes brand new compositions as well as never-before-recorded stage pieces. Our favorite songs, polished in performance on countless stages worldwide, have been given new life through special arrangements that are only possible in a recording setting. Some new music was composed especially for this album, while other songs were born of collaboration with other artists. A few of the tracks showcase the captivating vocals of our female performers, while all eleven highlight Kodo’s broad range of expression and individuality.

Akatsuki also features a new piece, Honoka, written to commemorate legendary artist Taro Okamoto’s centennial birthday. As a new release, the album comes with a Limited Edition Bonus DVD featuring behind-the-scenes footage of Sado and Kodo while the album was recorded.

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  1. Tamayura no Michi
  2. Stride
  3. Akatsuki
  4. Yoshino no Yama
  6. Vanguard
  7. Ogi Oiwake
  8. Uzushio
  9. Honoka
  10. Kachi
  11. Sora

Akatsuki - Kodo 30th Anniversary Special Album
Limited Edition CD + DVD

3,300 yen (Tax. Inc)
On sale:
January 22, 2011
Limited Edition Bonus DVD:
10 mins.
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