Local Buses to the Sado Island Taiko Centre

The Sado Island local government in cooperation with Niigata Kotsu Sado and the Sado Tourist Association have expanded bus routes to reach many of the island's tourist spots. These new routes will go through a trial phase between July 1 & November 30 on weekends and national holidays. We hope you'll use this service to visit the Sado Island Taiko Centre, and take advantage of the additional routes during Earth Celebration as well.

Bus Fare: (Ogi Port – Sado Island Taiko Centre) One-way 290 yen, not included in workshop fee
Times may be slightly earlier or later than listed.
The route from Ogi Port to the Sado Island Taiko Centre goes through Kotoura and Shukunegi to Sawasaki and then returns back along the same route.
For visitors using the ferry between Niigata and Ryotsu, please take a bus to Ogi Port and transfer there.

Sado Island Taiko Centre Taiko Experience

Taiko Experience 10:00 – 11:00

Sawata Bus Stn. 8:25 > Mano Shinmachi 8:37 > Ogi Port 9:22 > Sado Island Taiko Centre 9:45
Sado Island Taiko Centre 11:11 > Ogi Port 11:33

Taiko Experience 13:30 – 14:30

Ogi Port 12:53 > Sado Island Taiko Centre 13:18
Sado Island Taiko Centre 14:41 > Ogi Port 15:03

Taiko Experience 15:00 – 16:00

Ogi Port 14:28 > Sado Island Taiko Centre 14:51
Sado Island Taiko Centre 16:09 > Ogi Port 16:31 > Mano Shinmachi 17:23 > Sawata Bus Stn. 17:37

July 1- Nov 30 Gift Campaign on offer

Book a taiko experience workshop, and come to the Taiko Centre using your Bus Pass to receive a free Kodo clear file (A4-size).

Bus Pass with gift campaign (Pass for Unlimited rides on local island buses.)

Sado 2-day Bus Pass
(Sat, Sun, National Hol./ Adults 2000 yen, ages 6-11 1000 yen)
Sado 1-day Bus Pass
(Available July 17 – Aug 31, Adults 1500 yen, ages 6-11 750 yen)
For Bus Pass inquiries,
please call Niigata Kotsu Sado Tel. 0259-57-2121