Kodo at "The Yomiuri Shimbun Traditional Performing Arts Special Commemorative Wa-no Gakko Symposium"

"The 4th Yomiuri Shimbun 'Dentogei' Special Commemorative Wa-no Gakko Symposium" - Traditional Culture and Lifestyle (Presented by Yomiuri Shimbunsha, NPO "Wa-no Gakko") will be held at Tokyo Kokusai Forum. (Wa-no Gakko means School of Japan/things Japanese) Through Japanese tea ceremony, performing arts, and a panel discussion, this symposium will take a look at lifestyles that incorporate a love of traditional arts, and the feeling of fulfillment attained by people who actively incorporate Japanese traditions into their lives.

Kodo at "The Yomiuri Shimbun 'Dentogei' Special Commemorative Wa-no Gakko Symposium"

April 10 (Sat)

Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall C, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

Yoshikazu Fujimoto, Chieko Kojima, Motofumi Yamaguchi, Eiichi Saito
13:00 - 16:00
Part 1: Tea Ceremony (Sen Soshitsu, Head of the Urasenke School of Tea Ceremony)
Part 2: Kodo
Part 3: Panel Discussion
Apply with your Name, Address, Postcode, Age by postcard, fax, or via the official website.
Mail: Yomiuri Shimbunsha Henshukyoku Wa-no Gakko Symposium, postcode: 100-8055
Fax: 03-3217-8321
Website: http://info.yomiuri.co.jp/event/forum
March 18 (Thu)
If application numbers exceed seats, invitations will be drawn by lottery and sent to successful applicants.
Yomiuri Newspaper "Wa-no Gakko Symposium" 03-6739-6713