Photo Book 'DADAN' on sale nationwide from September 18

A collection of photos focusing on the performers in Kodo's 'Dadan' concert will go on sale nationwide in September. This is the first published book of works by photographer Takashi Okamoto, photographer of the Kodo December Concerts 2008 and Dadan poster main visuals.

The power of men, of taiko, and of photographs. Their combination creates an unimaginably powerful, provocative album. I applaud these bare, built bodies and this young photographer!

Kishin Shinoyama (Photographer)

Acclaim. Practice. Solitude. Discipline.
Glistening flesh.
Fleeting youth captured on film. Young men bringing ancient arts into the future.

Tamasaburo Bando (Kabuki actor)

Takashi Okamoto Photo Collection 'Dadan'

3,500 yen (incl. tax) / 84 pages, B4 size, black & white. With English translation. 
Published by:
Little More Books Co. Ltd.