The Sado Island Taiko Centre Takes It Up a Notch!

In June the Sado Island Taiko Center goes into school field trip mode, with Shinchan Sensei (Shin’ichi Sogo) and Sami-chan (Masami Miyazaki) welcoming over 2,000 children from 65 elementary schools across Japan. On weekends the centre is open to children and adults alike who would like to have a first-hand taiko experience on Sado. Our powerful taiko teaching duo anxiously awaits your visit to the Sado Island Taiko Centre!

The Sado Island Taiko Centre

Sado Kanko Kyokai 'Enjoy Plan' Taiko Experience

July 18(Sat) - 20(Mon)
15:00 - 16:00 (60 min.)
Participation Fee:
1,500 yen (Elementary school students: 800 yen)
Sado Tourism Association 0259-27-5000

Sado Island Taiko Centre Original Merchandise, Kodo Merchandise

Original merchandise as well as Kodo CD's, T-Shirts et al are available for sale at the Sado Island Taiko Centre. Friends of Kodo enjoy a special discount on all items.

Join or Renew Your Friends of Kodo Membership

It's easy to Join Friends of Kodo or renew your existing membership at the Sado Island Taiko Center. Just give the staff a shout and they'll take care of you.

Take Advantage of our Extensive Facilities

From the main hall to the traditional cooking kitchen, the Sado Island Taiko Center is a great place to gather with friends and colleagues. The all-wood main hall has great acoustics for rehearsals and recitals while the outdoor terrace's spectacular view makes it the perfect place to relax on weekends or after work.

Internet in the House

The Sado Island Taiko Centre is now completely equipped with wireless internet access to provide an ideal environement for meetings and symposiums in a relaxed atmosphere. Just bring along you laptop and plug in.

Send It by Special Express from the Sado Island Taiko Center

The Sado Island Taiko Centre is now an official drop-off site for Kuroneko Takkyubin (Black Cat Special Delivery). Neighbors who want to send packages off island are welcome to stop by, as well as travelers who would like to send gifts or extra baggage home ahead of time.