KASA 2009 Workshop Tour

This year everyone's favorite Kodo couple, Yoshikazu and Yoko Fujimoto, are heading to North America on the KASA 2009 Workshop Tour. Yoshikazu and Yoko will spend a month on the road working with local taiko groups, as well as performing at various venues. On the East coast they'll share the stage with Hoh Daio and then join former Kodo member Kaoru Watanabe for an intimate concert in Manhattan's East Village. In Los Angeles Yoko will perform in a special concert with Derick Nakamoto who produced Yoko's latest solo album 'morisa komorisa.'

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May 2 (Sat) - May 31 (Sun)
Host cities:
Seabrook (NJ), New York (NY), Minneapolis (MN), Vancouver (BC), Victoria (BC), Denver (CO), San Diego (CA), Irvine (CA), Los Angeles (CA)


May 2 (Sat)
Seabrook, NJ (Concert with Hoh Daiko)
May 7 (Thu)
May 7(Thu) New York ('Naka Naka' at DROM with Kaoru Watanabe and Eri Yamamoto)

morisa komorisa concert

June 6 (Sat)
Los Angeles (Performance with Derek Nakamoto)