Sado Tidal Wave Damage Report/Call for Help

One February 24, 2008, tidal waves descended upon the Niigata coast, heavily damaging three fishing harbors on Sado Island and some of the famous diving spots the island is known for. The total damage on Sado Island property alone is estimated to be over 210 million yen, and until May 30 Sado City will be collecting donations to help aid those in need in the wake of this disaster. Kodo asks for your help in joining this fundraising effort.

Sado City Tokifuurou Damage Fund

Account Name
Sado City Tokifuurou Damage Fund
Dai-ishi Ginko, Ryotsu Branch, Futsu 1282521
Hokuetsu Ginko, Ryotsu Branch, Futsu 291380
Taikou Ginko, Ryotsu Branch, Futsu 3004251
Sado City Municipal Office Accounting Department 0259-63-5111