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Akatsuki - Kodo 30th Anniversary Special Album - Limited Edition CD + DVD


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It has been five years since our best-of album Heartbeat Best of Kodo 25th Anniversary hit the shelves and six years since our last all-original album Prism Rhythm was released. So this year we are extremely excited to put out a brand new album that captures the spirit of the group today and is sure to become a defining recording for Kodo in the next generation.

Recorded at Kodo Village, this 11-track disc includes brand new compositions as well as never-before-recorded stage pieces. Our favorite songs, polished in performance on countless stages worldwide, have been given new life through special arrangements that are only possible in a recording setting. Some new music was composed especially for this album, while other songs were born of collaboration with other artists. A few of the tracks showcase the captivating vocals of our female performers, while all eleven highlight Kodo’s broad range of expression and individuality.

Akatsuki also features a new piece, Honoka, written to commemorate legendary artist Taro Okamoto’s centennial birthday. As a new release, the album comes with a Limited Edition Bonus DVD featuring behind-the-scenes footage of Sado and Kodo while the album was recorded.

Price in Japan: 2,892 yen / Price Outside Japan: 2,762 yen / On sale: Feburary 2, 2012

Motofumi Yamaguchi "Ikkan Fugetsu"


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Immersed in the moonlight, I feel the breeze blow through my body and soul. If I listen carefully, I can hear the sound of the universe itself. Without thinking, I simply sit back and wait for this flute to burst into song.

This is the long-awaited debut solo album by Motofumi Yamaguchi, Kodo's principal flautist. Recorded at Kodo Village using makobue flutes made from local Sado madake bamboo, this "home-grown" album has a deep, rich sound. This is a collection of original songs and beautiful arrangements of folk favorites from around the world.

Price in Japan: 3,024 yen / Price Outside Japan: 2,800 yen / Released on Dec 1 2009

Heartbeat Best of KODO 25th Anniversary


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In celebration of Kodo's 25th Anniversary, we carefully selected some of our favorite tracks released between 1988 and 2006 to form this commemorative "Best Of" album. "Heartbeat" is a fresh look at songs from the past with remastering that takes a contemporary approach without sacrificing the expression intended by the original compositions. Over the years, some the arrangements have changed. New instruments have been added to the stage performances, and the pieces have evolved together with the Kodo cast. We hope you will enjoy "Heartbeat" as a finished work in itself, but also as a catalyst to rediscover the recordings on the original albums.

Price in Japan: 3,024 yen / Price Outside Japan: 2,800 yen / Released November 22, 2006

prism rhythm

prism rhythm

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This album was recorded at Kodo Village on Sado Island where our members and drums feel most at home. Capturing the fine nuances of each of our players' subtle sensibilities, prism rhythm is a colorful array of soulful compositions.

Price in Japan: 3,132 yen / Price Outside Japan: 2,900 yen / Released July 20, 2005