Heartbeat Project "Island of the Shining Sun"

On March 11, 2012, Shogo Yoshii's composition "Island of the Shining Sun" was released on YouTube.

Even after a great disaster, rays of warm light shine through the clouds, just like they did before. I used to think that this beauty was so heartless.

But then I met people who have deep, devout feelings towards nature, who endure it, stand firm against it, and carry on with life, and the encounter made indescribable feelings well up inside of me.

On our school performance tour, I met children who had lost their friends and family members. But in the eyes of those children I felt strength above & beyond their sadness. And they gave me courage.

I am one Japanese person and I want to support Japan. That's what I thought to myself.

I created this sound with the young members of Kodo.

Shogo Yoshii

Composed by Shogo Yoshii
Photos by Shiggy Yoshida

Shiggy Yoshida is a photographer who shoots Kodo performances and Earth Celebration. He is now working as a volunteer cameraman, visiting the disaster area repeatedly and capturing the current state of the area each time through his photographs.