Takao Aoki President, Kitamaesen Co., Ltd.

January 2017


When a person travels, every encounter and experience changes them. As our members evolve through each journey, so does Kodo. When we venture into unknown worlds and different fields, it stimulates us, it broadens our outlook, and it allows us to reevaluate ourselves. If our performers compare themselves to before a tour, they will see with certainty afterwards that their expression has grown richer as each new experience built upon the previous ones. 2017 is an important year for Kodo, in which our members must forge their own new path while continuing to grow as individuals within the group.

Nowadays, many people are easily satisfied by on-screen phenomena due to the widespread use of computers, mobile phones, and the Internet. Today, I strongly feel that Kodo's mission is to resonate with people around the world through taiko performing arts, sharing an array of emotions, humility, and more, with the many people we encounter on our travels.

This year, we will challenge the status quo and remind ourselves constantly that learning is a life-long task. We will continue to study performing arts with dedication as we strive to essentially deepen our art form. Furthermore, this year I hope that Kodo will be open and earnest in its quest to connect people around the world with a feel-good surge of power, namely the rhythm and energy of life generated by playing taiko. I hope that we, the Kodo Group, will reaffirm the significance of our own existence this year.

This year, I would like to kindly ask you all once more for your continued support of our Group's activities.

Takao Aoki
Kitamaesen Co., Ltd.