Makoto Shimazaki
Kodo Cultural Foundation Chairperson

January 2015

Makoto Shimazaki

At the Kodo Cultural Foundation, we have welcomed 2015 with a promise to further enhance and develop our diverse activities throughout the year.

Last year, we focused on forging a path toward the organizational restructuring of the Foundation, with the goal of making it financially independent. We will continue to develop the means and structure to make this path sustainable in the future. We also launched a new Community Development Course at Fukaura Gakusha (Fukaura Schoolhouse) in order to cultivate human resources who can contribute to community development. This is our new challenge, and we are working hard to improve the course, examining the contents and outcomes after its trial year.

This marks the 20th year since the Kodo Apprentice Centre moved to Kakinoura from its previous base in Mano. The program was extended from one year to two years, and many young hopefuls have passed through these doors in the past 20 years. Some of the graduates went on to professional work further afield, while many others are still engaged in Kodo group activities. It is all thanks to the efforts and support of so many people affiliated with the Centre.

The Hokuriku Shinkansen (Hokuriku Bullet Train) service will begin operations this spring, which will improve access to Sado Island and thereby raise the island's profile, both within Japan and internationally. With this in mind, all of us at the Kodo Cultural Foundation will work more diligently than ever towards community development.

Our hearts will always be full of gratitude to our countless supporters. I humbly ask for your continued support and encouragement for Kodo Cultural Foundation.

Makoto Shimazaki
Kodo Cultural Foundation